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The Reluctant Union Novels

His Moonbeam Girl

Given the opportunity to make a better life for herself, former slave Lettice snatches at it with both hands. Given the chance to be with Kwasi, she’ll grab that, too. For the brave women who never look back and the men strong enough to stand by them, this is a story of love and liberty. Book 1 of the Reluctant Unions series.

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His Sunshine Girl

From the moment Stephen laid eyes on the reverend’s daughter, he thought she embodied sunshine. For a banished man who has seen life’s dark side, Chastity is a welcome sight. Stephen’s anxious to return to England and reunite with his family. Quick-tempered, he’s no hero, and he’ll be damned if he's maneuvered into marriage. Book 2 in the Reluctant Unions series.

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His Starry Girl

First impressions are often misleading.  Initially Aldrich worries he's given sanctuary to a pickpocket, but he later realizes Victoria Hawksley isn't a thief - she's worse than that.  She's a bluestocking with a temper, an acid tongue, and sapphire eyes. Victoria is grateful to the handsome stranger for saving her. If only he believed the best of her, instead of the worst.

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Historical Romance is Timeless

Doubt Not


Viscount Chevers is about to renew his addresses to a fickle fiancé when he's laid low with an injury and head cold. Ruthanne nurses him at a sedate English inn, but despite liking her, his lordship knows this temporary alliance won't become permanent.


Ruthanne Rutherford is a woman of integrity and owes a debt of honor to her fellow traveler, Edward. She knows Lord Chevers's friendship won't extend beyond the Rose & Crown. Their pretend marriage has no chance of becoming real.

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Eldon knows what Pru needs - he's known her all his life...

Preoccupied with politics in London, Eldon, Viscount Foley returns home and discovers his old chum, Pru, is wearing a spinster's cap. Convinced she needs a rejuvenating holiday, Eldon brings Pru to town for the Season so she can enjoy herself. Parliamentary business absorbs the viscount's time while Prudence is courted by another. Does his good friend need a husband, not a holiday?

Prudence thinks she knows everything about Eldon...

She's hankered for her brother's best friend, Eldon, for years, but in London, Viscount Foley is viewed as one of England's political power players. His lordship is out of her league by leagues. Embarrassed by her naïveté, Prudence realizes Eldon needs a wife who will offer him more than she can. In London's sophisticated circles, love and friendship simply aren't enough.

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In the Suds

An ensemble piece that follows a scheming hussy, a philandering husband, an opera singer, an Irish conman, an overzealous country girl, a derelict brother, and an Agent of the Crown. This comedy of errors takes place in Dover’s Ship Inn where they happen to congregate and covet one another’s belongings. Their valises take a dizzying tour of Ship Inn while their owners jockey with each other to receive their deserved due.

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A Heiress's Lot

Philomena must marry immediately, and so long as her groom is neither poor nor an aristocrat, any man will do. Behold, the appearance of Solomon Lord Lazonby, a marquess with pockets to let and vengeance to wreak. Solomon is not Philomena’s ideal groom, nor is Philomena his ideal bride. This marriage may not survive beyond the honeymoon.

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A Governess's Lot


Returning from war, Charles Dryden doesn't anticipate his new life. He has a relationship to mend with Arianna, a daughter he's not quite sure is his, and her governess is determined he'll be a good father. Charles doesn't appreciate Miss Montgomery's bossy ways, and is annoyed she won't let him help her with her own worries. Can their faux engagement persuade the stubborn minx what's real in his heart? That he wants to love her for the rest of their lives?



Her father gambles away her dowry, forcing Winsome Montgomery to escape her cousin's improper advances to become a governess. From her first meeting with Mr. Dryden, she's convinced he's a flirtatious drunkard with a gambling problem. She has no intention of marrying the rascal, but pretending to be engaged would protect her from Sir David. Winnie accepts, hoping to shield her growing feelings of tenderness from her false fiancé.

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A Songstress's Lot

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon

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Other Titles to Explore

Heroines' Tales Series

The Law Firm of Psycho &Satan

Sassy, spunky, and snarky all describe Cooper Bach, a new associate fresh out of law school. Struggling to find her way in the business world, she joins a husband and wife legal team only to quickly discover they're Psycho & Satan. While Cooper heals from her devastating losses she must balance her grief with the demands of her clients and carry on the relentless pursuit of billable hours. The bartender, Ted, is ready to lend a helping hand, but romantic entanglements is one thing Cooper doesn't need.

Former domestic attorney, Tracy Edingfield, takes an unflinching look at both sides of the lawyer's desk. Written with a dark humor, this legal thriller is served with a side of romance and a heap of humanity.

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